What to Expect

We know that going to a new place can sometimes be intimidating so we want to do everything we can to make your visit a positive one. Whether you’re coming back to church or you’re trying it out for the first time, we know it’s a big step. Our prayer is that you would feel welcome and find a new home with us at Global Connexions Church.

At Global Connexions, we believe that Church is more than a building that you meet in on Sunday. Church is about people who look after each other, getting together to talk about Jesus and encourage each other!

Sunday Morning

The Sunday morning service is the place where anyone can come in to see and experience what Christians do. It is a place where people can not only hear from the Bible and what it says, but also connect with others who have or have had question just like you. The Sunday morning service seeks to love a lot of people a few ways.

At present, Global Connexions Church meet at 10am at the Kawana Community Hall, Nanyima Street, Buddina Qld 4575.